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What you will not learn in this article:

  • The Overhead costs of your own businesses as a Freelancer

What you will learn in this article:

  • The definition of Overhead costs
  • How to calculate Overhead costs for standard employees
  • Why is it a competitive advantage for Freelancer

What is the concept of Overhead costs?

An employee working a 9 to 5 job in a company is the most standard case of employment in the world. This person has a monthly (or weekly, in some countries) salary and is expected to work a fixed amount of days during the year. …

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In this article you will go through:

  • Basic Use Case: deploy keys for a single repository
  • Advanced Use Case: multiple deploy keys for multiple repositories

I am working with Github, but this configuration can be applied to other Git providers.

I am working on a Mac (Unix) environment but these commands can be easily applied to a Windows environment.

Basic Use Case: deploy keys for a single repository

To avoid entering your credentials each time you act on your Git repository, you want to manage deploy keys for your different environments. For this, you will need an ssh key.

To create an ssh key suitable for Github, use this…

In this part:

  • What is a CDN?
  • Understanding the concept of Microservices.
  • What is a Framework and its difference with a Language?
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team

What is a CDN?

CDN: a Content Delivery Network is a service of multiple servers, usually dispatched around the globe to deliver information faster. The idea is that these servers do not host the actual data, they host an image of it. The real data is hosted on the origin server, which you will learn more in the dedicated paragraph.

The image as a TTL (time to live) and, generally, once this TTL is passed, the first visitor of your website will…

In this part:

  • The difference between Back/Front Office and Backend/Frontend.
  • Understanding Git and its platforms Github and Gitlab.
  • The meaning of SaaS and why it is so popular.
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team
“Young me” teaching “Tech Slang” to my previous marketing team

Back/Front Office VS Backend/Frontend

Back Office: generally consists of a connected part on your website where you can edit contents and perform actions that will have an impact on the Front Office. On a WordPress blog, the Back Office contains all the tools to publish a blog post. On solutions like Shopify, your Back Office will contain dashboards to monitor your sales and your finances.

Font Office: by opposition to the Back Office, this is the…

Avoiding bad habits while managing expectations…

What to Learn After 3 Months of Being Home Alone?
What to Learn After 3 Months of Being Home Alone?
Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

I have spent my 3 months of lockdown in Paris inside my condo without my roommate. I can say I had a lot of space, satisfying comfort level, but the most important part of this situation was keeping my job for the whole time.

France suffered economically during this period of time, but nothing compared to the US or other countries. France has something called “Chômage” which is an allowance for people trying to get back on their feet after being fired (and some other use cases). …

The news popped this week, a new artist emerged on the scene. Its name: TravisBott.

A flesh-free cousin of internationally known rapper Travis Scott. You can listen to its first hit entitled Jack Park Canny Dope Man on every streaming platform.

Deep Fake official clip for Jack Park Canny Dope Man

Plot twist, this artist is actually a machine learning bot created by the space150 agency. If you are currently streaming the sound, you might be bluffed. The instrumental, the voice, the autotuned vibe, the hooks, the theme, even the backs (“It’s lit!”, “Straight up!”) …

Do You Really Need the Million?
Do You Really Need the Million?
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Evolving in the digital world, especially as a tech, I hear the phrase “Man I have an idea for an app, I’m sure it can work!” pretty much once a week. Sometimes it is even followed by “I can’t really tell you more, I keep the idea for myself…” with a fake smile… Yes, sure, like I am going to stop everything I am doing in my life to pursue a project I have discovered 12 seconds ago.

“You do decide what is real and you can make.” — Joe Cocker

We have seen so many success stories recently, so…

How to Realize You Have An ego?
How to Realize You Have An ego?
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Through this post I will tell you the story of how I realized I had an ego and how this discovery changed the vision I had of myself. The concept of egotism is highly psychological, and I will not cover the subject of its definition. I will let this hard task to my fellow writers.

One thing is for sure: if you have a big ego, there is a lot of chance you do not realize it!

How I Realized it

I was 27 when it struck me. My coworkers and I were dining in a restaurant as part of a meeting with our…

How to Find Payed Projects as a Freelance Programmer in the 2020s
How to Find Payed Projects as a Freelance Programmer in the 2020s
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This piece of work comes as a global reply to a discussion that started on another post from Simon Holdorf entitled How to Make Extra Money as a Programmer. Basically, Simon advised starting programing as a freelancer, which is a great advice. It is something I did and still do. But Simon mentioned platform like Upwork or Fiverr to find clients to work for. That is when I objected.

Here is an extract of the comment I made on his post and that made me start the article you are reading now.

Let me tell you that it’s a waste…

Picture from Philibertnet

If you came here to read about Monopoly, you can hit the back button.

You will not find it mentioned here because I will talk about strategy games. Where there is no randomness (or, at least, not as a key point of the game) and winning implies taking the right decisions at the right time. Yes, you guessed it, like being an entrepreneur.

I guess I can be called a board game geek since I have more than 20 games at home and some of them are quite rare. Limited Edition, Kickstarter or just, niche games. …

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Freelance IT Project Manager | Writer for The Startup and DataDrivenInvestor | 📍Paris

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